Sublimation print colour difference - Why?

 2019-11-28 10:32 AM by

A common mistake made by newcomers to sublimation is that they are under the impression that the printed artwork, before the actual sublimation, should look exactly like the final colour.

it is important to note that the initial print onto sublimation paper, using sublimation ink, will result in a faded or dull looking image.



You are doing everything correctly. The reason for a dull or faded looking print is that sublimation ink is only activated at 200 degrees celsius, and under sufficient pressure.

In other words, the correct colour will only appear on the final sublimated product.

Here is an example of a printed image before sublimation was done:
Printed image

This is the same image on a final product, after sublimation.

For minor corrections to the final colour matching, we recommend that you install the correct ICC profile for your sublimation printer.

This ICC profile tells the printer how to correct for colour matching of the final product.

You can contact us on and we will gladly assist you in installing the ICC profile on your computer. This profile can then be used in Coreldraw or Photoshop. Happy Sublimating!